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Our Commitments

Crafting sustainable, quality solutions


Be quality assured.

We ensure our products reach our customers in the best condition.


All our pallets go through detailed quality checks and are Heat Treated in-house before they are delivered to our clients.


Secured supply chains.

We procure our raw materials 3 - 6 months in advance to ensure our steady supply of pallets, crates and cases.


Our utmost priority.

We value our employees, and ensure that the workplace is safe for all.


Our responsibility for the next gen.

We are constantly sourcing for sustainable materials. Our LVL pallets are Green Label certified, by the Singapore Environment Council.


We also provide pallet repair services, where we take back your pallets, make them brand new, and sell them back to you at a fraction of the price.

Past collaborations

We are always in search of partners, institutions and organisations who aims to bring the industry to a better place than yesterday.


National Technological university

Using waste wood generated by the production of wooden pallets, National Technological University (NTU Singapore) produced an inspiring wooden art piece.

Each wood block (once deemed as waste to be thrown in the bin) was inscribed with encouraging and positive notes of affirmation.


SaltT workshop

Saltt Workshop specialize in workshops designed specifically to engage children. Through wood waste provide by Ng Guan Seng and an exclusive workshop organised by Saltt Workshop, children designs a wall decorative for an event.

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